Five tips to help maximise email open rates

Email marketing should play a definitive role in every communications strategy.

This means optimising open, bounce and unsubscribe rates in a more and more digitally competitive and spam-intolerant world, has become a priority for small to medium sized businesses looking to connect with existing customers and attract new ones.

With this in mind, here are five top tips to help you maximise your email open rates and bolster your ROI.

Quality not quantity

Purchased email lists are a sure-fire way to poor open and click through rates and high reports of spam. Grow your email lists organically, because customers who choose to opt in to your emails, will be the most engaged.

You can do this by not only placing sign up forms on your website – on the homepage or in the footer but also on social media, enticing people in using special offers, discounts and support.

Make sure you follow through with your promises and you will start seeing significant results.

Segment and clean your lists

Chances are you will have already identified your customer personas, what they are interested in and what their pains are.

As a marketer, segmenting or aligning your lists into these personas or even by purchase activity, demographics or where they are in the sales pipeline, they are much more likely to open your email.

Furthermore, clean your lists by optimising the un-subscription process. This means giving recipients the option to unsubscribe from a certain email type rather unsubscribe completely.

Time is of the essence

The best time to send your email campaign depends on the nature of your business and the type of person you are sending it to.

At EpicGeek, we find the best times to be around 11am on a Tuesday and Thursday and according to MailChimp these are their highest sending volume days, but with better opening rates occurring between 2pm and 5pm.

The best way you can understand your ‘optimal opening hours’ is by doing some simple A/B testing at different times of day over the course of the week.

Make sure you respect your customers as well. Do not email them every day or eventually they will just ignore you or worse still unsubscribe.

First impressions always count

When you meet someone for the first time, you have a mere seven seconds to make a positive first impression and with email marketing this is no different.

The first two elements of a campaign that a recipient sees before opening any email is the subject line and the name of the person sending it.

Get creative with your subject lines, do not oversell, do not use the words ‘Free’ or ‘BUY NOW’ and do not use ALL CAPS or exclamation marks as these will almost certainly get your email placed in the spam folder.

Instead, provide a reason or incentive for them to open, position yourself in the mindset of your customer. The harsh reality is that the end user does not care about your conversions, but only about the immediate value, how your email can benefit them.

Secondly, ensure you change the name of your sender to something more personal, something your customers will recognise. The generic sales@ or info@ should be ditched, so instead opt for the first name of your Chief Exec or Marketing Manager.

Content is king

Keep your email short and sweet, do not oversell but clearly demonstrate how you can benefit your customers.

No, this will not maximise your initial open rates, but useful content and keeping the dialogue open by asking for feedback for example, will entice your customers and keep them interested.

For support with your email marketing strategy, contact EpicGeek today.